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Top Talent

We select, train and give you the best Latinoamerican talent to support your marketing leaders.

Keep Growing

Lay down and rest. Focus on your stuff while we handle the selection process and give you the best marketing talent.


Long-term contracts are out. We provide excellent talent for a monthly fee. You have the option to cancel at any time or keep growing with our help.

How Floowi works

Line up your needs

Take the needs survey and meet our team to especify your request.

Selection process 

We find the professional that perfect match with your skillset, working hours and other requirements.

Meet your professional

Set goals and start chasing the path for sucess.

What our clients say

" We had been looking for a good Digital Marketer for a while and with Floowi we have found a great committed and supportive professional." 

Emelia Hughes

Founder & CEO, Graham LLC

"We will keep adding new team members with this helpful solution. With Floowi we have found an affordable and useful way to save money and time building our marketing team."

Lucas Meyer

HR Manager, Wilkinson Inc

"Juan Pablo has been an exceptional team member who has given us a great result with our new brand marketing campaign"

Benjamin Davidson

Marketing Director, cvc commerce LLC

Our Growth Roles

Graphic Designers

Our graphic designers have a creative flair and a strong ability to translate requirements into design. Their graphics capture the attention of those who see them and communicate the right message.

Digital Marketers

Our Digital Marketers are responsible for helping maintain a brand by working on marketing campaigns. Their duties include performing market research, strategizing with other marketing professionals and creating content to aid in the success of marketing campaigns.

Campaign Managers

Our Campaign Managers are professional who specializes in creating digital advertisements. They have hard skills in digital marketing ads programs, optimize digital advertising budgets, and analyze and interpret campaign results.

The ideal plan for your needs



Per Month

Minimum of 2 years

of experience

Choose the professional you need:

Digital Marketing Assistant

Ads Specialist

Graphic Designer

Campaign Manager




Per Month

Minimum of 5 years

of experience

Choose the professional you need:

Digital Marketing Analyst

Senior Graphic Designer

Senior Campaign Manager

Senior Ads Specialist



Per Month

Minimum of 10 years

of experience

Choose the professional you need:

Digital Marketing Manager

Creative Director

Marketing Director

 Ads Manager

Frenquently Asked Questions

What roles can I hire with Floowi?

We specialize in building marketing teams, and the areas we cover are: marketing, digital marketing, data analysts, graphic design, paid media, marketing campaign managers, and marketing managers. We've successfully placed candidates in under 3 weeks. We only help hire Latin American talent. It's our specialty and we do it well.

How long does the process last?

Our hiring process will last from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the specifications of the role you are requesting. We only offer Latam marketing professionals, and we search for the perfect fit according to your needs.

Is there any risk of hiring in Latam?

You don't have to pay anything if you don't hire anyone. Once we know your role needs, we don't charge any upfront fees and make pricing completely clear.

Do I need to sponsor applicants or grant work visas in order to hire in Latin America?

You don't. Because the candidates are not based in the US, they can work without sponsorship or a visa.

How does the pricing of the plans work?

For each of our three plans, A fee is assessed for each hire and is due on the candidate's start date. A one-time success fee or a monthly cost can be used to pay for it. Based on the position, the charge varies slightly.

How is the payment?

You have two options for payment: through us, using an internal solution you have implemented with your company. You can select a recurrent charge on your credit card or pay doing a wire transfer.

Why can I trust you and your professionals?

All of our prospects have been pre-vetted for clean resumes and fluency in English. We conduct international criminal background checks and reference calls. We'll do our best to pair you up with a long-term teammate!

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